Welcome to Little Spokes! Little Spokes is a small business with a big goal: to take the stress out of stroller shopping.

There are hundreds of baby strollers on the market...and it seems like there are a hundred questions to ask when buying a stroller. What kind of stroller do I need? What features should I look for? Where should I buy a stroller? And, of course, how much is this going to cost? Whether you're buying your first stroller, adding a second stroller, or upgrading to a new stroller, the shopping process can be overwhelming.

Little Spokes is here to help. On this site you'll find practical advice, honest reviews and the latest industry news. The resources here are created for one purpose: to assist you in making the best stroller buying decision possible.



Jump start your stroller buying journey with this kit. Includes:

10 pages of stroller buying advice and worksheets

Cheat sheet of stroller types and average prices

Questions to ask before buying a stroller

List of features to look for in a stroller


Hi, I'm Amanda, the owner of Little Spokes. My background isn't in stroller design or baby product marketing, but in urban geography, of all things.

I spent years studying how humans move through space, and you know what I learned? The stroller struggle is real, people! With uneven sidewalks, narrow doorways, steep staircases and tiny aisles, getting around with a stroller isn't easy. Having the right stroller can make a world of difference.

I created Little Spokes to support parents during the stroller buying process. My mission is to make Little Spokes the most informative, helpful stroller site on the internet. You can learn more about me and the founding of Little spokes on the About page, or feel free take a look at my recent blog posts below.