Welcome to Little Spokes! If you want honest, practical, sound advice about buying a stroller, you're in the right place.

Hi, I'm Amanda, the owner of Little Spokes. My interest in strollers started years ago, when I was a college student studying urban geography.

I learned how people move through space and the built environment. I also learned about accessibility and principles of universal design. I realized that many spaces are not friendly to people with mobility issues, including parents with strollers.

I went on to earn bachelor's and master's degrees in geography, with an emphasis in urban geography. So, that's what sparked my enduring interest in strollers.

I started Little Spokes to support parents in the stroller buying process. My mission is to make Little Spokes the most informative and helpful stroller site on the internet.

My Promises to You

I know stroller shopping can be stressful. My goal is to provide clear, unbiased reviews and advice, to help you cut through the marketing hype and choose the best stroller for you - one that meets your needs and fits your budget. Here at Little Spokes you'll find:

Extensively researched product reviews. I read hundreds of parent reviews for each product, as well as users' manuals and company publications. I try to demo each product I review, and am not above asking random parents about their stroller experience. (If a strange lady stops you in the grocery store to ask about your stroller...that's me!)

Honest, authentic stroller reviews. Unlike some sites that outsource product research and reviews, I do all the research and writing here myself. I also never accept money or free products in exchange for reviews. What you see is what you get: honest, uncompensated reviews written by the site owner.

Expert advice. Whenever possible, I cite medical, scientific and other expert studies to back up my advice and reviews here at Little Spokes. Given my academic background, this is very important to me.

Latest industry news. I work to stay current on what's happening in the stroller industry, from new research findings to new product launches to stroller recalls. You can check out the latest happenings on the news page.

If want to learn more about choosing and buying a stroller, download the free stroller starter kit below. It's totally free, no email address required. Just a small thank you for stopping by Little Spokes. I really appreciate your business.



Jump start your stroller buying journey with this kit. Includes:

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