Best Strollers for Disney Theme Parks

Published July 24, 2020

A stroller can have a big impact (good or bad) on your little one's Disney experience. Here are recommendations for the best strollers for Disney in four categories, to help in planning your family vacation:

  • Best stroller for Disney: Britax B-Clever Stroller
  • Best double stroller for Disney: Zoe Twin+ XL2 Double Stroller
  • Best umbrella stroller for Disney: Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller
  • Best sit and stand stroller for Disney: Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller

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A bad stroller can make it hard to enjoy your Disney vacation. A hot baby riding in a bumpy stroller is a frustrated, cranky baby. Couple that with a hard to fold stroller lacking storage space, and you've got frustrated, cranky parents, too.

You want to find a stroller that lets you focus on the truly important things: enjoying your trip and making great family memories. But, there are so many strollers to choose from: umbrella strollers, double strollers, sit and stand strollers. And prices are all over the map. Do you really need a $600 jogging stroller for your Disney vacation?? Without a doubt, choosing the best stroller for Disney can be overwhelming.

Here you'll find well-researched picks for the best strollers for Disney in four popular categories. The summary table below gives you a brief overview. If you read further, you'll learn the specs and features of each stroller and, importantly, why each was chosen as one of the best strollers for Disney World and Disneyland.

Best Strollers for Disney Theme Park Vacations


Top Pick


Best for...

Single stroller

Traditional stroller on lightweight stroller frame, with many features designed to keep baby cool

Families with one child who want the weight and portability of a travel stroller with traditional stroller features

Double stroller

Lightweight, easy folding double stroller with very large, UPF 50+ sun canopies

Familes with twins or an infant and toddler who don't want to take two strollers to Disney

Umbrella stroller

Lightweight stroller that provides a smooth ride, good storage and other upgrades from typical umbrella strollers

Families with one child who want some traditional stroller features without the traditional stroller weight and price tag

Sit and stand stroller

Lightweight sit and stand stroller that allows older child to ride in back, but also comes with optional rear seat

Familes with an infant or toddler and an older child who may need to alternate between sitting and walking

Best Strollers for Disney Ranking Factors

Just a note, before we get started. For this review, strollers were evaluated in four main categories:

  • Size. All the strollers listed here are compliant with Disney's official stroller policy.
  • Comfort. This includes how comfortable stroller is for both riders and drivers.
  • ManeuverabilityThere will be lots of quick and tight turns at Disney, so maneuverability was a key factor in stroller ratings.
  • Portability. You'll be folding and unfolding your stroller a lot, so weight and ease of fold played a big role in rankings too.

Best Single Stroller for Disney: Britax B-Clever

The Britax B-Clever tops the list of best single strollers for Disney. In our detailed Britax B-Clever review, the stroller earned an average rating as a daily use stroller. However, it's numerous ventilation features make it an excellent choice for your Disney trip.

The B-Clever is built on a foldable, lightweight aluminum frame more common in travel strollers. But, the B-Clever is a traditional stroller, with a design similar to popular and pricey "jogger" strollers.The stroller weighs 21 pounds and stands upright when folded.

The B-Clever's wheels are made of thick EVA foam that glides well on smooth indoor and outdoor surfaces. The front wheels swivel for easier turning, but can be locked, if needed. The all wheel suspension helps even out the ride on bumpier terrain.

The B-Clever also has excellent ventilation features, including side vents in the seat. The stroller has a large sun canopy and a good sized underseat storage basket.


The Britax B-Clever Stroller. Note the large sun canopy and side and back ventilation windows.

image source:

The are some downsides to the Britax B-Clever. The handlebar and footrest are not adjustable. There are no accessories, like cup holders, included. And the stroller doesn't come with a carrying case. But, this is not a typical travel stroller. It's a traditional stroller that incorporates travel stroller features, such as weight and portability.

Why the Britax B-Clever is the best single stroller for Disney

Whether you're going to Disneyland or Disney World, there's one guarantee: it will be hot. (And, if you're headed to Orlando, it will be humid, too.) The Britax B-Clever wins as the best single stroller for Disney due to many features designed to keep baby cool.

The Britax B-Clever has a large canopy for sun protection. The top of the canopy has a mesh peek-a-boo window. The window allows you to keep an eye on baby and also provides ventilation.

The canopy window is part of an extensive ventilation system on the B-Clever. There are two additional vents on the side of the stroller. These are exposed by rolling down the fabric and securing it to the stroller frame with provided clips. The side vents provide nice cross ventilation, especially when the seat is reclined, making for some pleasant napping.

There is also a large back ventilation window. This window is exposed by rolling up the fabric located near the handlebar. Be aware that this contains the parent storage pockets. You'll probably use the back vent feature a lot during your Disney trip, so may want to buy a separate handlebar stroller organizer to hold parent essentials.

Finally, the B-Clever seat back is made of CoolFlow fabric meant to wick moisture (a.k.a. sweat) away from baby. This will help keep baby cooler and more comfortable during those hot days at Disney. This is a neat feature of the B-Clever, one not found in most strollers.

Britax B-Clever Specs

Britax B-Clever Pros

Britax B-Clever Cons

Ages: 0 months - 3+ years

Easy fold

Unadjustable handlebar

Weight limit: 50 lbs

Compact for storage

Unadjustable footrest

Product weight: 21 lbs

Excellent maneuverability

Accessories not included

Seat back height: 18"

Large sun canopy

Carrying case not included

Seat depth/width: 10"/13.5"

Excellent ventilation

Folded dimensions: 22"x28"x28"

Cool flow fabric

Unfolded dimensions: 22"x40"x34"

Good storage basket

Best Double Stroller for Disney: Zoe Twin+ XL2 Double Stroller

We gushed over the Twin+ XL2 in our full Zoe double stroller review. The Zoe is at the top of our (and many others') list of the best strollers for Disney, for good reason.

The Zoe Twin+ XL2 is an easy folding, amazingly lightweight side by side double stroller. It's not an umbrella stroller, but, at 19 pounds, weighs less than some double umbrella strollers. The Zoe is also incredibly compact, with a folded depth of just nine inches. Unfolded, the stroller is 29" wide, narrow enough to fit through most standard doorways.

Double stroller? Umbrella stroller? If you're confused by stroller terminology, head over to the Little Spokes Epic Baby Stroller Guide. Learn about the different types of strollers and how to pick a stroller.

The Zoe Twin+ XL2 double stroller maneuvers well on mostly smooth indoor and outdoor surfaces. The front wheels swivel for easier turning, but keep in mind this is a double stroller, so has a larger turning radius.

The XL2 is sturdy and doesn't become unbalanced if there's a significant weight difference between the two riders. This makes the Zoe double stroller an excellent choice for parents with an infant and toddler.

Each seat on the Zoe Twin+ has an adjustable footrest and an adjustable canopy. These function independently, so you can raise one footrest while leaving the other lowered. Similarly, you can lower the canopy while one child naps, leaving the canopy on the second seat raised.

The Zoe XL2 double stroller comes with a double belly bar that sits across both seats. You can remove the belly bar and install the child snack and drink holders that come with the stroller instead.


Images of the Zoe Twin+ XL2 Double Stroller. Note the near full coverage canopy, when fully extended.

image source:

The Zoe XL2 is an incredibly well-built stroller, but does have some drawbacks. The wheels are fairly small for a double stroller, so may struggle on uneven surfaces. The handlebar is not adjustable and the underseat storage basket is a bit small. 

While the Zoe Twin+ does include a parent cupholder, this sits on the side of the handlebar and may need to be removed to fit the stroller through smaller doorways. Aside from the snack and cup holders, other accessories must be purchased separately, including a carrying case.

Why the Zoe Twin+ XL2 Double Stroller is the best double stroller for Disney

The Zoe double stroller makes many lists of best strollers for Disney due to it's lightweight, easy and compact fold, and near total sun canopy coverage.

The XL2 canopies each have four panels. In standard mode, two panels are visible. The back panel has a zipper that reveals a hidden third panel. The front panel has a hidden pop out panel that, when the canopy is fully extended, reaches to the belly bar. This provides children with plenty of privacy. The canopies are rated UPF50+, so there's plenty of protection from the hot California or Florida sun as well.

Each canopy also has a mesh peek-a-boo window that provides ventilation. The fabric on the back of the stroller rolls up to increase ventilation. Be aware that there's no mesh here, so this isn't a ventilation window. But, rolling up the back fabric will provide lots of air flow on hot days, especially with a fan attached at the front of the stroller.

Zoe Twin+ XL2 Specs

Zoe Twin+ XL2 Pros

Zoe Twin+ XL2 Cons

Ages: 6 months - 3+ years


Small wheels

Weight limit: 45 lbs/seat

Easy to fold

Unadjustable handlebar

Product weight: 19 lbs

Compact for storage

Smallish underseat storage basket

Seat back height: 18"

Good maneuverability

Carrying case not included

Seat depth/width: 9"/12"

Independently functioning seats

Not car seat compatible

Folded dimensions: 28"x29"x9"

Generous sun canopy

Unfolded dimensions: 29"x40.25"x33"

Good ventilation

Best Umbrella Stroller for Disney: Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller

The Summer Infant 3Dlite has some umbrella stroller features, such as a large sun canopy and curved handles. However, the 3Dlite is bigger and sturdier than typical umbrella strollers, so is a much better choice for your Disney trip.

The 3Dlite weighs 13 pounds, which is slightly heavier than typical umbrella strollers. The larger size means the 3D lite is better able to accommodate older and taller kids, with a maximum child height of 43 inches. The 3Dlite also has better safety features. While most small umbrella strollers have a 3 point safety harness, the 3Dlite has a 5 point harness, similar to what you find in full size strollers. 

The 3Dlite has reclining seats, a feature not found in most umbrella strollers. You can adjust the seat to four different positions, which is handy when little one is ready to nap. Though the seat reclines, the leg rest is not adjustable.

The 3Dlite's wheels are made of thick EVA foam, which is standard for strollers in this price range. The front wheels have shock absorption, providing a smoother ride. The 3Dlite is easy to maneuver and is best suited to relatively flat indoor/outdoor surfaces. The wheels may struggle on thick grass and other uneven terrain, making the ride a bit bumpier.

The Summer Infant 3Dlite has a large underseat storage basket, along with a parent storage pocket on the back of the stroller. The handlebars don't adjust, but they sit much higher than those on a traditional umbrella stroller, making this a good choice for taller parents.

While the 3Dlite is one of the best strollers for Disney, there are some drawbacks. Several reviewers said the stroller is hard to fold, but this seems to get easier with practice. Even with a pop-out sun visor, the canopy is a bit small. You may need a lightweight sheet or blanket to cover up baby when the stroller is facing directly into the sun.

There's no peek-a-boo window in the 3Dlite canopy, and no ventilation windows. You may consider getting a quality stroller fan to to help keep baby cool.

One of the biggest complaints about the 3Dlite, however, was the included parent cup holder. The cup holder attaches to one side of the stroller frame, just below the handlebar. Reviewers stated that the cup holder is small and doesn't fit most standard size cups. Others noted that the cup holder is flimsy and tended to tip, spilling their drink.

Why the Summer Infant 3Dlite is the best umbrella stroller for Disney

Despite a few downsides, the Summer Infant 3Dlite is a fantastic stroller for Disney. It does lack some of the ventilation and other features of bigger, more expensive strollers, but is a huge step above typical umbrella strollers.

The 3Dlite is relatively lightweight and is easy to carry when folded, thanks to the included carrying strap. The reclining seat is a must-have for those long days at Disney and is a huge improvement over typical umbrella strollers.The larger size means the stroller can accommodate older kids and taller parents.

The 3Dlite has a lot of storage for a stroller this size. However, the included parent cup holder is not high quality, so you may want to buy a lightweight handlebar stroller organizer to hold your drink and a few other essentials. Just keep in mind this is a lightweight stroller, so don't put too much weight on either the back of the stroller or in the underseat basket.

3Dlite Specs

3Dlite Pros

3Dlite Cons

Ages: 6 months - 3+ years


Unadjustable footrest

Weight limit: 50 lbs

Good maneuverability

Sun canopy a bit small

Product weight: 13 lbs

4 position seat recline

No peek-a-boo window

Max child height: 43"

Large underseat basket

Flimsy parent cup holder

Seat depth/width: 10.25"/12.5"

Carry strap included

Needs more ventilation

Folded dimensions: 11"x12"x42.75"

Good for taller parents

Unfolded dimensions: 33.5"x19.5"x42.5"

Best sit and stand stroller for Disney: Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite

If you have a little one and an older child, a traditional side by side stroller may not be the best option for your Disney vacation. In that case, a sit and stand stroller might be just the ticket. And the Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Sit and Stand Stroller is consistently rated as one of the best strollers for Disney.

The Joovy Caboose weighs around 23 pounds, which is not unreasonable for a double stroller. The Jovvy has ball bearing wheels for great maneuverability and easier turning. There's also four wheel suspension, which helps smooth out the ride. That said, the Caboose works best on pavement and indoor surfaces.

The Joovy Caboose has a front seat for younger children. The front seat comes with a universal car seat adapater, which is a nice feature. For babies who don't need a car seat, the front seat has a five point safety harness. The back bench, where older kids can ride, has a three point safety harness.

Despite it's size, the Joovy gets high marks for being easy to fold. This is a long stroller, so will have to be gate checked for plane travel. The Joovy can also take up a lot of car trunk space, but removing the canopy before folding takes 6" off the folded length.

The canopy is large and provides plenty of sun protection. There is also a small fold away canopy to cover the rear bench. This additional canopy stores neatly in the handlebar console included standard on the Joovy Caboose.

The Joovy Caboose has a decent sized underseat storage basket. The rear bench seat slides forward and backward, making it easier to access the underseat storage. For a demo of that other features, check out the manufacturer's video.

The Joovy Caboose Sit and Stand stroller is well designed, but has some negatives. When a car seat is installed up front, space becomes cramped in the back. Kids riding on the back bench may have to lean forward. For that reason, the Joovy is probably best used when baby no longer needs a car seat to ride in the stroller.

While the rear bench slides for easier storage access, it can be difficult to access the storage if both seats are in use. Also, you do have the option to purchase a full size, forward facing rear seat. However, kids sitting in this seat have to ride with their feet in the storage basket. If you plan to use this option, you may want to put something solid in the bottom of the storage basket. You'll also need to take into account the reduced storage capacity.

Why the Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite is the best sit and stand stroller for Disney

Despite a few shortcomings, the Joovy Caboose is a great choice for Disney. By double stroller standards, it's fairly lightweight. The ball bearing wheels make the stroller easy to maneuver. And, while not the smallest stroller, it's easy to fold, which is a must for any stroller at Disney.

The large sun canopy provides plenty of sun protection for the front seat. The additional fold away canopy for the rear seat is a well thought out design feature.

Older kids will really appreciate the freedom to walk, sit or stand. And younger kids sitting up front will like the included snack tray and adjustable footrest.

Note that the Joovy doesn't have the ventilation features found on some other strollers, so you may want to bring a good quality stroller fan to help with air flow on hot days.

3Dlite Specs

3Dlite Pros

3Dlite Cons

Ages: 0 months - 3+ years


Back seat can be cramped

Weight limit: 45 lbs/seat

Easy to fold

Storage can be hard to access

Product weight: 23.5 lbs

Good maneuverability

Needs more ventilation

Folded dimensions: 45.25"x21.25"x10"

Large sun canopy

Unfolded dimensions: 38"x21.25"x42"

Car seat compatible

2 year warranty

Disney Stroller Tips

If you're buying a new stroller for your Disney vacation, here are a few helpful tips before you head out to Disneyland or Disney World.

Get comfortable with your stroller

Get comfortable with your new stroller well before the start of your trip. Practice folding and unfolding the stroller until it feels easy and natural. Remember, at Disney you'll be required to fold the stroller often, so you want this process to go as smoothly as possible.

Take your stroller out for a few test drives to learn how it handles. This is especially important for double strollers and sit and stand strollers. These strollers are wider/longer than single strollers, so have a larger turning radius. If you have a new stroller, make sure you're comfortable making both wide and sharp turns.

Do a trial run

If possible, do a trial run and pack your stroller with all the things you'll take for a day at Disney. This is important because you don't want to overload your stroller. Not only does a lot of extra weight make the stroller harder to push, but it could cause the underseat basket to tear. For lightweight strollers, hanging items from the handlebars could cause them to tip. To avoid having these kinds of issues on your vacation, pack it up beforehand and see exactly how much you can carry.


Buy needed accessories well before your Disney trip. Hat and sunglasses optional.

Buy needed accessories

Make sure you buy any needed accessories well before your trip. That way, you can pack these when doing your trial run. Some accessories you may consider purchasing include:

Stroller fans

Even strollers with good ventilation will still benefit from the breeze generated by a small, battery operated fan. 

Handlebar organizer

Most strollers don't come with enough storage up top, so you may want to buy a handlebar organizer, if your stroller can accommodate one. This is a good place to keep small essentials like your phone, lip balm, tissues, a small bottle of sunscreen and some Band-aids (unfortunately blisters happen, even at Disney).

Rain cover

Unfortunately, rain happens too, even at Disney (and especially at Disney World). To protect the kiddos, you should consider buying a rain cover for your stroller. Many stroller manufacturers make rain covers designed specifically to fit their strollers, but you can find universal rain covers, too. 

Tip: keep a towel in a sealed storage bag handy. If you're in line for a ride when a sudden shower hits, you'll return to a wet stroller in the parking area. You can use the towel to dry off your stroller and then be on your merry way.

Carrying case

If you'll be traveling to Disney by air, you should consider investing in a carrying case for your stroller. Most strollers won't fit in overhead bins and, even if they do, the airline may or may not let you take one on the plane. A carrying case can protect your stroller if you have to check it at the gate.

Some stroller brands make carrying cases specifically to fit their strollers, but you can find universal stroller bags. Just be sure to read the specs thoroughly and know the measurements of your stroller to make sure it will fit. Like folding and unfolding, you should practice putting the stroller in the carrying case a few times before heading out on your trip.


Picking a stroller for your Disney trip can be overwhelming, given all the advice out there. Hopefully, this list of the best strollers for Disney has been helpful.

Please remember there's no one right answer to which is the best stroller for Disney for your family. When making a decision, you need to keep in mind your budget, your kids' personalities, and your own needs.

Some older kids may love a sit and stand stroller, while others may be happier in a side by side stroller. Some parents may want all the features of a traditional stroller, while others prefer to travel as light as possible. Some families will have a bigger stroller budget than others. 

Just know that you don't have to break the bank buying a stroller for Disney. You can find sturdy, comfortable, portable strollers in a variety of price ranges. And if you focus on safety and quality, you'll get plenty of use out of your stroller long after your vacation ends. Happy travels!