Britax B-Clever Stroller Detailed Review

Published July 3, 2020

An easy folding, smooth gliding stroller designed to keep baby cool, the Britax B-Clever offers portability, but sacrifices some comfort features.


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Britax B-Clever Stroller Quick Review

A traditional stroller that incorporates many travel stroller features, the Britax B-Clever stroller is a good daily use stroller with excellent portability.

Built on a lightweight, easy to fold aluminum frame, the B-Clever handles well and includes an extensive ventilation system designed for baby's comfort. However, the narrow frame and short seat may be uncomfortable for some children, especially as they grow. 

The Britax B-Clever is compatible with Britax car seats, so can be converted into a travel system. The backrest does not lay fully flat, so a car seat is a must for use with newborns. The stroller also lacks some of the standard features and accessories common in this price range. 

Overall, the Britax B-Clever stroller is a fine choice for general use. But if you don't need the travel stroller features, a more traditional stroller may be a better option.


  Ages: 0 months - 3 years

  Weight limit: 50 lbs

  Product weight: 21 lbs

  Seat back height: 18"

  Seat depth/width: 10"/13.5"

  Folded dimensions: 22"x28"x28"

  Unfolded dimensions: 22"x40"x34"






Britax B-Clever Stroller Full Review

Just a note before we get started: strollers are evaluated based on function, comfort and value.

  • Function ratings include features most important for day-to-day use of the stroller, such as maneuverability and safety. 
  • Comfort ratings consider both baby's and parent's comfort, such as padding on seats and handlebars and storage space.
  • Value takes into account the overall quality of a stroller in relation to the price. Value is evaluated by comparison to similar strollers in the same price range.

You can take a quick tour of the B-Clever's features in the video below, before reading more about the Britax B-Clever stroller.

Britax B-Clever Features


The Britax B-Clever stroller gets high marks for maneuverability. The wheels are made of thick EVA foam and glide easily over most surfaces. 

The front wheels swivel for easier turning, but can be locked. This is an advantage when going over rougher surfaces like cobbblestone or gravel. That said, this is clearly intended to be a general use indoor/outdoor walking stroller.


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The stroller has all wheel suspension, which helps even out the ride. Strolls on mostly flat streets or sidewalks are ideal. The four wheel suspension and padding help with minor bumps, but this stroller is definitely not meant for all-terrain use.


One of the best features of the Britax B-Clever stroller is portability. The stroller is easy to fold, though the process may take a while to master. Once folded, the stroller can stand upright, making for easier storage.

The folded dimensions of 22" x 28" x 28" means the B-Clever fits easily in most car trunks. The stroller incorporates the lighter, narrower frame of a travel stroller and weighs in at 21 pounds. That's less than most traditional strollers, but still fairly heavy if you'll be folding and lifting the stroller often.

Unfortunately, the Britax B-Clever doesn't come with a carrying case or handle, a feature often found in travel strollers. Overall, though, this stroller scores much higher on portability than traditional strollers due to ease of folding and storage.


The B-Clever stroller is compatible with some Britax car seats and comes with easy to install car seat adapters. The stroller is not compatible with bassinets, so you must purchase a car seat in order to use this stroller with newborns and babies up to six months old.

Be aware that car seats can only be used rear-facing in the B-Clever. Some traditional strollers allow car seats to switch from rear to forward-facing. This may be an important feature, especially as baby gets older.

The Britax B-Clever is compatible with some Britax car seats, allowing the stroller to form a complete travel system. If you're considering buying the B-Clever stroller and already have a Britax car seat, contact the company to verify that it's compatible. If you don't already own a car seat, your best bet for compatibility is the Britax B-Safe line of car seats.


The Britax B-Clever includes typical stroller safety features. There's a traditional five point harness that can be adjusted to three different heights. There's also an easy access brake on the right rear wheel. You engage the brake with a simple foot press to lock both back wheels.

As noted earlier, the swivel on the front wheels can also be locked. You must manually lock the swivel by pressing down on levers located above each front wheel. This isn't as convenient as the simple foot press rear brakes, but you aren't likely to use this feature as often, either.


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The B-Clever also includes a peek-a-boo window on top of the canopy so you can keep an eye on baby. This peek-a-boo window has a magnetic closure, unlike the noisy zipper or velcro closures on most strollers. You can check on baby without waking them. This is a nice design feature of the Britax B-clever stroller.

Ease of Assembly

The Britax B-Clever stroller is easy to assemble. You don't need any tools, though some brute force may be required.

Assembly involves snapping the front and back wheels into place. You'll also need to snap the sun canopy onto the frame. Finally, you'll need to install the car seat adjusters, if you plan to use your stroller as a travel system.

The assembly instructions are fairly easy to follow, but the illustrations could use some improvement. Most reviewers state that they're able to assemble the stroller in less than 10 minutes.

Ease of Care

The Britax B-Clever user's manual calls for just a soap-and-water wipe down of most fabric, metal and plastic parts. However, one of the best features of the stroller also makes it harder to keep clean.

As discussed below, the stroller's backrest is covered with a honeycomb weaved fabric intended to help keep baby cool. This, along with ventilation features, is one of the most oustanding parts of the Britax B-Clever. 

However, the honeycomb weave makes it hard to get the stroller fully clean. Though on the backrest, spit-up, vomit, drink spills and food crumbs can still make their way into this area of the stroller. The texture covering the underlying fabric makes it difficult to fully clean.

If baby has an accident in the stroller, cleaning may require more elbow grease than just a simple wipe down. This isn't a huge negative, but something to keep in mind when evaluating strollers.


The Britax B-Clever has a nice design, but some comfort features were sacrificed in making this traditional-travel stroller hybrid. Namely, the frame size is fairly narrow and the seat size a bit small. The stroller is also lacking other features you commonly find at this price point.


The official Britax B-Clever website lists the stroller's seat depth at just 10 inches, with a seat width of just 13.5 inches. These dimensions are much smaller than those of traditional strollers, and reflect the incorporation of travel features into the B-Clever design.

The narrow seat width may restrict movement and make babies feel cramped. The seat does have padded shoulder straps, which should help baby feel less restricted. Still, there won't be much room to move with a seat width under 14 inches.


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The short, 10 inch seat depth may be uncomfortable for taller babies, and will limit how long you'll be able to use the stroller as baby grows into a toddler. This is especially true because the footrest is not adjustable. That's a common feature of strollers in this price range. It's unclear why Britax didn't include it in the B-Clever design.

The seat back includes cool flow fabric. This is a honeycombed textured fabric meant to wick moisture, so baby doesn't get so hot and sweaty. This is a neat feature, since heat can make baby fussy when riding in a stroller.

The seat back can be reclined to a near flat position. The reclining mechanism is located on the back of the stroller. The system is fairly easy to use. You release the clasp, then use two straps to adjust the seat back to the desired height.

Canopy and ventilation

The B-Clever stroller has a large canopy that provides plenty of sun protection to your little one. As mentioned, the top of the canopy has a quiet open peek-a-boo window that allows you to check on baby and also provides ventilation.


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In addition to the top window, the Britax B-Clever has several other neat ventilation features. There are two side vents that can be opened by rolling down the fabric and securing it to the frame. There is also a large vented window on the back of the stroller, exposed by rolling up the storage pockets that hang below the handlebar.


The B-Clever has a large underseat storage basket. The basket is spacious enough to hold a big diaper bag and a purse, plus other gear. The weight limit on the basket is 10 pounds.

There are also several small storage pockets inside the stroller. These can hold small toys and other items.

There are two large pockets that hang below the handlebar. These pockets can store a phone and wallet, but be aware that they have no zipper or other type of closure. They also have no organizational features, such as inner pockets to hold smaller items like keys.


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Parent comfort features

The Britax B-Clever stroller is lacking in many comfort features for parents. As mentioned, there are two large pockets beneath the handlebar to store personal items. That is all the storage up top, so anything else you carry will need to go in the underseat storage basket.

The B-Clever does have a padded handlebar, but it's not adjustable. This could be an issue for taller parents, who may not be comfortable pushing the stroller.

The B-Clever also lacks other amenities, such as cupholders. These, as well as a stroller tray, can be purchased separately, but it would've been nice if a cupholder for parents had been included.

One aggravating design feature of the B-Clever, and many other strollers with a back vent window, is that the storage pockets that hang near the handlebar must be rolled up to expose the window. That eliminates all the storage at the top of the stroller. If you think you'll use the back vent window often, you might consider buying a separate stroller organizer that attaches to the handlebar.

Britax B-Clever Stroller Pros and Cons

The Britax B-Clever has great maneuverablity and an extensive ventilation system to keep baby cool. However, the stroller is small and lacks some of the features typically found among strollers in this price range.


  • Easy fold
  • Compact storage
  • Excellent maneuverability
  • Car seat compatible
  • Large sun canopy
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Easy to assemble


  • Narrow frame
  • Short seat
  • Unadjustable footrest
  • Unadjustable handlebar
  • Not enough storage
  • Carrying case not included
  • Accessories not included
  • Heavier than similar strollers

Who should buy the Britax B-Clever stroller?

This stroller is a good choice for active families who want more traditional stroller features than typically found in travel strollers. It has many travel stroller advantages, including being easy to fold and transport. It has a great canopy and ventilation system to help keep baby cool when you're on the go.

The B-Clever is also a good choice for city and suburb dwellers where flat sidewalks and streets are common. The stroller handles well in those conditions, and goes seamlessly from outdoor to indoor use. The stroller isn't designed for bumpier terrains, so keep that in mind if you plan to often use a stroller in grassy or gravelly areas.

The small size of the B-Clever means children will likely outgrow this stroller rather quickly. Families on a budget should take this into account when comparing strollers in a similar price range. If they don't need the travel stroller features, they may be better off buying a more traditional stroller instead.


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Britax B-Clever Stroller Pricing and Value

According to the official Britax website, the B-Clever stroller retails for around $200 and comes with a two year warranty. This is more expensive than a basic travel umbrella stroller, but the price is reasonable considering the extra features included in the B-Clever.

Still, the B-Clever lacks many of the amenities found in traditional strollers in the same price range. The handlebar doesn't adjust, there isn't enough storage, the frame and seat are small, and the B-Clever lacks cupholders and other standard accessories.

The B-Clever fulfills the needs of a specific market: families who need a portable stroller with some traditional stroller features. If you don't need the travel-related features in a stroller, you're likely better off buying a traditional stroller. A good alternative in the same price range is the Graco Modes stroller.


Britax B-Clever

Graco Modes

Product image



0 months - 3 years

0 months - 3 years

Weight limit

50 lbs

50 lbs

Product weight

21 lbs

23 lbs

Unfolded dimensions



Folded dimensions



Seat back height



Seat depth/width



Car seat compatible



Car seat positions

Rear facing only

Front and rear facing


5 point

3-to-5 point adjustable

Adjustable handlebar



Adjustable footrest



Storage basket



Handlebar storage



Cupholder(s) included



Stroller tray included




Britax B-Clever Stroller Final Verdict

Depending on your needs, the Britax B-Clever stroller can be an excellent choice. Small and portable, the stroller is designed for urban and suburban living. It lacks some comfort features, but is still a solid option for transporting baby.

That said, if you don't really need the size and portability advantages of a travel stroller, you'll probably find better value buying a more traditional stroller. For about the same price as the Britax B-Clever, you can find a larger stroller that baby won't outgrow as quickly. These strollers will also include features lacking in the B-Clever, like more storage and the ability to place car seats forward or rear facing.

If you're still unsure about choosing a stroller, check out the Little Spokes baby stroller guide. The guide describes the different types of strollers, what you should look for when buying a stroller and answers many common questions parents have about baby strollers.