UPPAbaby MINU Detailed Stroller Review

A pricey, but nearly perfect lightweight stroller, the sturdy, durable UPPAbaby MINU is built to last through years of daily use and frequent travel.

Published July 30, 2020


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UPPAbaby MINU Quick Review

Sturdy, lightweight and easy to maneuver, the UPPAbaby MINU is an excellent choice for a daily use stroller. The super compact fold also makes the MINU ideal for travel.

The UPPAbaby MINU weighs about 15 pounds. The easy, one hand fold collapses the stroller into thirds, creating an almost square fold less than 12 inches in length.

The light weight and swivel front wheels make the MINU easy to maneuver. However, the front wheels don’t lock, so rides on uneven surfaces can be a bit bumpy, even with all-wheel suspension.

Unlike most lightweight, travel friendly strollers, the UPPAbaby MINU is car seat compatible. The MINU fits the UPPAbaby MESA car seat, as well as some Maxi Cosi, Nuna and Cybex seats (adapaters sold separately). You can also use the MINU with newborns by purchasing the optional From Birth Kit.

The UPPAbaby MINU is great for travel and also great for daily use. But beware, this is not just a smaller, lighter version of the popular UPPAbaby Vista and UPPAbaby Cruz strollers. The MINU doesn’t have the same features as those full size strollers, nor the heftier price tag. Instead, the MINU stands on it’s own as a durable, lightweight stroller designed for regular use and frequent travel.

UPPAbaby MINU Full Review

Just a note before we get started: I evaluate strollers in three primary categories: function, comfort and value.

  • Function ratings include features most important for use of the stroller, such as maneuverability and safety.
  • Comfort ratings consider both baby’s and parent’s comfort, such as seat recline, handlebar height and storage space.
  • Value takes into account the overall quality of a stroller in relation to the price. Value is evaluated in comparison to similar strollers (here, lightweight, travel friendly strollers).

UPPAbaby MINU Features


Parents rave about the easy manueverability of the UPPAbaby MINU. The MINU handles well and is easy to push and steer, even with one hand. The stroller glides smoothly, with front wheels that swivel for easier turning.

The wheels on the MINU are small, though a typical size for a lightweight, travel friendly stroller. The stroller has all-wheel suspension, which helps smooth out the ride.

However, the small wheels and unlockable front wheels mean the MINU handles and rides somewhat roughly on uneven terrain. Occasional trips through grass or gravel are no challenge for the MINU, but the stroller performs best on indoor surfaces and pavement.


The UPPAbaby MINU weighs around 15 pounds and folds into thirds. The MINU advertises an easy one hand fold, though the process may take a bit of practice at first. You can get a glimpse of how the one hand fold works in this short video.

The folded dimensions of the MINU are 11.5″x20.5″x23″, one of the most compact folds on the market. Once folded, the MINU is easy to transport. You can carry the MINU using the attached padded shoulder strap or place the MINU in the drawstring storage bag that’s included with your stroller purchase.

The MINU fits in the overhead bin of some airplanes. Contact your airline in advance to verify you’re allowed to carry the stroller on the plane. You should still prepare to gate check your MINU, just in case.

UPPAbaby does provide a travel warranty for the MINU through their TravelSafe program. To qualify for this program, you must purchase an UPPAbaby MINU TravelSafe Bag and register both the bag and the stroller on the UPPAbaby website.


Unlike most lightweight strollers, the UPPAbaby MINU is car seat compatible. The MINU fits the UPPAbaby MESA car seat, as well as certain Cybex, Nuna and Maxi Cosi car seats. You’ll need to purchase car seat adapters separately. The MESA adapters must be removed before folding the MINU, but the stroller can be folded with the other adapters in place.

The use of car seat adapters turns the UPPAbaby MINU into a stroller frame. Not sure what that is? Check out my Ultimate Baby Stroller Guide.

The MINU can be also used with newborns with the purchase of the UPPAbaby MINU From Birth Kit. This kit includes a bassinet that easily attaches to the stroller. The bassinet allows your baby to lay flat and can be used until baby weighs around 20 pounds. Happily, the bassinet folds with the stroller, so you don’t have to remove it whenever you need to collapse the MINU.


The UPPAbaby MINU includes typical stroller safety features. The seat has a traditional five point harness that can be adjusted to three different shoulder heights.

Color coded brake levers are located on the back wheels. Pressing down on the red lever engages the brakes on both wheels. Pressing down on the green lever disengages the brakes.

The MINU has a large peek-a-boo window in the canopy so you can keep an eye on your little one. The window has a quiet open and close magnetic seal, so you can check on a napping baby without waking them.

For your baby’s safety, never hang heavy items on the handlebar of the UPPAbaby MINU. Hanging heavy items on the handlebar could cause the stroller to tip over. The owner’s manual specifically warns against hanging heavy bags from the stroller’s handlebar.

Ease of Assembly and Care

The UPPAbaby MINU stroller is easy to assemble and doesn’t require any tools. All you need to do is snap the wheels and canopy onto the stroller. The owner’s manual has easy to follow instructions and illustrations.

All fabric on the MINU is removable for cleaning. You can spot clean fabric or hand wash in cold water, then lay flat to dry.

UPPAbaby has a series of helpful articles and videos on how to care for your stroller, including how to perform basic wheel maintenance. Check out the UPPAbaby MINU Tune-Up page for more information.


The UPPAbaby MINU stroller is made of high quality, durable materials and is designed for comfort and convenience. However, many extra comfort features don’t come standard on the MINU, such as parent cup holders and child snack trays.


The seat on the MINU is typical size and is well padded. The seat reclines, which often isn’t the case for lighter weight, travel friendly strollers. The UPPAbaby MINU reclines to 142 degrees. This is a shallower seat recline than you find on full size strollers, but is still pleasant for napping.

The seat recline mechanism is located on the back of the stroller and is easy to use. To raise the seat, you simply pull the straps on the back of the stroller away from each other. To recline the seat, you run a clasp down the length of the straps until you reach the desired recline position.

You can see the seat adjust in action and get an idea of the full recline in this video.

The leg rest on the UPPAbaby MINU is not adjustable. There’s also no belly or bumper bar included, so older kids may lean too far forward when riding in the stroller. To prevent this, you can buy an UPPAbaby bumper bar to fit across the seat. UPPAbaby recently released a snack tray for the MINU that fits across the seat as well.

Canopy and ventilation

The MINU has a good sized sun canopy with a hidden UPF 50+ pop out sun visor in the front panel. As mentioned, the top of the canopy has a peek-a-boo window that allows you to check on baby and also provides ventilation.


The UPPAbaby MINU has a large under seat storage basket that’s easy to access from front and back. The basket has a weight limit of 20 pounds, double the weight limit of storage baskets on most strollers.

There’s a fairly large pocket on the back of the stroller, below the handlebar. This pocket can hold items like a phone, keys or wallet. The pocket has a one pound weight limit, so isn’t meant to store heavy items.

Parent comfort features

The handlebar of the UPPAbaby MINU stroller is covered with leather. The handlebar height is 41″ and is not adjustable. This is a good handlebar height for many parents, but shorter parents may find the handlebar sits too high.

The MINU doesn’t come with parent accessories like a cup holder. You can purchase a cup holder that attaches to the stroller frame and folds with the stroller. Other accessories available for purchase include a handlebar organizer and a changing bag.

UPPAbaby MINU Pros and Cons

The UPPAbaby MINU combines sleek design and quality construction with great maneuverability. However, the stroller has a few drawbacks.

LightweightSmall wheels
Easy to assembleNonadjustable handlebar
Easy to fold and transportUnlockable front wheels
Compact for storageMany accessories not included
Excellent maneuverability
Car seat compatible
Nice sun canopy
Large storage basket
Durable construction and materials
Carrying strap and storage bag included
2 year warranty
(3 years with registration)

Who Should Buy the UPPAbaby MINU?

The MINU is a great choice for active families who want a lightweight stroller for their trips around town – or around the world. The stroller is easy to fold and transport, and comes with extra warranty protection if you buy an UPPAbaby TravelSafe bag.

This is also a good daily stroller for city and suburb dwellers where flat sidewalks and streets are common. The stroller handles well in those conditions, and goes seamlessly from outdoor to indoor use. The stroller isn’t designed for bumpier terrains, so keep that in mind if you plan to often use a stroller in grassy or gravelly areas.

UPPAbaby MINU Pricing and Value

According to the official UPPAbaby website, the MINU lightweight stroller has a suggested retail price of $399. The stroller has four models. Each model has the same features, the only difference being color and frame.

Overall, the UPPAbaby MINU is an excellent value for the price. The stroller is much sturdier and made of higher quality materials than the majority of lightweight strollers on the market. The MINU can accommodate car seats, which is a rare feature in lightweight strollers. The two year warranty is twice as long as industry standard, and you get an additional third year simply by registering your stroller.

That said, if this will be your primary stroller, you’ll probably want some extra accessories, which tend to be costly. However, if this is your daily use stroller, accessories like a cup holder and organizer bag are definitely worth the expense.

UPPAbaby MINU Final Verdict

The UPPAbaby MINU is an excellent option for a daily use stroller. Lightweight, easy to fold and compact, the stroller is also a stand out travel stroller. The option to use the MINU with a bassinet and car seat means you’ll only need one stroller from baby’s birth through the toddler years.

The drawbacks here are minor. The wheels are small, which can lead to a bumpy ride in some cases. When used on smooth indoor/outdoor surfaces the stroller glides easily with great maneuverability. Accessories are pricey, but in line with the general cost of UPPAbaby items.

The positives of the UPPAbaby MINU far outweigh the negatives. If you’re looking for a high quality, durable, lightweight daily or travel stroller, the UPPAbaby MINU is a fantastic choice.

Still have questions about the MINU? Check out the FAQs section below.

Answers to Common UPPAbaby MINU Questions

Picking a stroller can be stressful. The higher the price tag, the greater the stress. Naturally, parents have lots of questions about the MINU. This section provides quick, straightforward answers to the most frequently asked questions about the UPPAbaby MINU.

When did the MINU first come out?

The MINU first came out in 2018. There were some updates made to the 2019 model, but no new updates for the 2020 model.

Why does the Jake MINU cost more?

Currently, there are four different versions of the MINU: Devin, Jordan, Ryan and Jake. These all have the same features. The only difference, besides color, is that the Devin, Jordan and Ryan have an aluminum frame, while the Jake has a carbon frame. Because of that, the Jake costs a bit more than the other versions.

Does the UPPAbaby MINU lay flat?

No, the UPPAbaby MINU does not lay flat. The maximum recline on the MINU is 142 degrees.

Does the bassinet for the UPPAbaby Cruz and Vista fit on the MINU?

No, the bassinet for the UPPAbaby Cruz and UPPAbaby Vista will not fit on the UPPAbaby MINU. The only bassinet that fits on the MINU is the one that comes with the MINU From Birth Kit.

Is the MINU car seat compatible?

Yes, the MINU is car seat compatible. The MINU works with the UPPAbaby MESA car seat, as well as certain Nuna, Maxi Cosi and Cybex car seats. Adapters are sold separately.

Does the UPPAbaby MINU fit in an airplane overhead bin?

The UPPAbaby MINU does fit in some plane overhead bins. However, you need to check with your airline to verify you’ll be allowed to carry the MINU on the plane. To be safe, you should always prepare to gate check your stroller. (For more information on gate checking, check out my post on flying with a stroller.)

Does the MINU come with a travel bag?

The UPPAbaby MINU comes with a drawstring closure storage bag. You can purchase an UPPAbaby TravelSafe bag for the MINU as well.

Does the UPPAbaby MINU have a snack tray?

A snack tray for the MINU became available in July 2020. The snack tray is not standard, so must be purchased separately.

Does the UPPAbaby MINU come with a rain cover?

No, the UPPAbaby MINU does not come with a rain cover. A rain cover is available for the MINU, but must be purchased separately.

What accessories are available for the UPPAbaby MINU?

The following accessories are available for the MINU: a parent cup holder, a child snack tray, a bumper bar, a handlebar organizer, a changing backpack, a ganoosh (foot muff), a basket cover and a rain cover.

Can you add seats to the UPPAbaby MINU?

No, you can’t add extra seats to the UPPAbaby MINU. If you want a stroller that can accommodate extra seats, look into the UPPAbaby Vista. You can read my detailed review of the Vista here.