Zoe Twin+ XL2 Double Stroller Detailed Review

Published July 22, 2020

A narrow, lightweight, easy to maneuver stroller, the Zoe Twin+ Double XL2 is made for travel, but expect to hit a few bumps in the road (literally).


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Zoe Twin+ XL2 Double Stroller Quick Review

A sturdy, easy to push side by side double stroller, the Zoe Twin+ XL2 is an excellent choice for both travel and daily use.

The Zoe XL2 is one of the lightest double strollers on the market, weighing just 19 pounds. Built on an easy to fold frame, the Zoe double stroller features independently reclining seats with individual canopies that provide near total sun protection for little ones. However, the wheels are small and the stroller struggles on uneven surfaces.

The Zoe Twin+ XL2 is not car seat compatible, so should not be used with children under six months old. But, with a 45 pound weight limit per seat, families with twins or two children close in age should get years of use out of this durable double stroller.

Overall, the Zoe Twin+ XL2 double stroller is a great choice for general use. However, the XL2 really stands out as a travel stroller, which is why it earned top marks in Little Spokes' list of the best strollers to take on a Disney vacation.


  Ages: 6 months - 3+ years

  Weight limit: 45 lbs/seat

  Product weight: 19 lbs

  Seat back height: 18"

  Seat depth/width: 9"/12"

  Seat to canopy height: 23"

  Folded dimensions: 28"x29"x9"

  Unfolded dimensions: 40.25"x29"x33"






FYI: this stroller has undergone several name changes over the last few years. Once called the Zoe XL2 Deluxe, the name was changed to the Zoe XL2 Best. The current name is Zoe Twin+ XL2 Best Double Stroller. When reading reviews, make sure they use the current name, so you're getting the most up-to-date information. In this review, we use "Zoe double stroller," "Zoe Twin+," "Zoe XL2" and related terms interchangeably.

Zoe Twin+ XL2 Double Stroller Full Review

Just a note before we get started: strollers are evaluated based on function, comfort and value.

  • Function ratings include features most important for use of the stroller, such as maneuverability and safety. 
  • Comfort ratings consider both baby's and parent's comfort, such as padding on seats, handlebar heights and storage space.
  • Value takes into account the overall quality of a stroller in relation to the price. Value is evaluated by comparison to similar strollers in the same price range.

Also note that the Zoe XL2 comes in classic and luxe versions. The stroller designs are the same, but the luxe version comes with a few upgrades, as well as a bigger price tag. The most notable difference is the wheels: the classic Zoe Twin+ XL2 has foam EVA wheels, while the luxe version has ball bearing wheels. The following table summarizes the differences between the classic and luxe versions. 

Unless otherwise stated, this Zoe double stroller review refers to the classic version of the Twin+ XL2.

Zoe Twin+ XL2 Classic

  • Three color choices (black, navy, gray)
  • Black padded handles
  • EVA foam wheels
  • Mesh underseat storage basket

Zoe Twin+ XL2 Luxe

  • Six color choices (including green and pink)
  • Brown faux leather handles
  • Ball bearing wheels
  • Canvas underseat storage basket

Zoe Double Stroller Features


The Zoe XL2 gets high marks for maneuverability. The stroller is easy to push and doesn't feel unbalanced even when there's a significant weight difference between riders. This makes the Zoe an excellent choice as a double stroller for an infant and toddler.

The turning radius is obviously greater than that of a single stroller, but the Zoe double stroller still turns well. This is largely due to swivel front wheels, which help provide a smooth glide. The front wheels can also be locked, if needed.

The wheels of the Zoe Twin+ classic are made of thick EVA foam and work well on smooth surfaces. However, the wheels are fairly small for a double stroller. This helps keep the weight of the stroller down, but means the stroller struggles on uneven terrain like thick grass and gravel.

Because of the Zoe XL2's smaller wheels, strolls on mostly flat streets and sidewalks are ideal. Occassional trips across uneven surfaces are fine, but may be a bit bumpy.

If you'll be using the stroller often on uneven surfaces, it may be worth investing in the more expensive luxe version of the stroller, which comes with ball bearing wheels.


Incredible portability is one reason the Zoe double stroller is often recommended for travel. This is an amazingly lightweight double stroller. Weighing just 19 pounds, the Zoe XL2 is also very easy to fold. There's a hidden handle under each seat: simply lift these handles and the stroller folds in half. Once folded, the stroller can stand upright, making for easier storage.


The incredibly compact Zoe Twin+ XL2 Best Double Stroller

image source: zoestrollers.com

The folded dimensions of 28" x 29" x 9" means the Zoe XL2 stroller fits easily in most car trunks. However, it will need to be gate checked for air travel, as it doesn't fit in overhead bins. The Zoe Twin+ doesn't come with a carrying case, but one is available for purchase. (For more on the carrying case, see the Accessories section toward the end of the page.)

Width is a common concern with double strollers. The Zoe double stroller is 29" wide. Standard exterior doorways in the United States are 36," so you should have no trouble fitting the stroller through doors when entering homes and businesses.


The Zoe XL2 is not car seat compatible and thus can't be used with newborns. While the stroller seats have a generous recline, it's best to wait until babies have enough neck strength to sit upright before using the Zoe. 

If you have two infants and an older child, the Zoe double stroller can be converted into a triple (or even a quad) stroller through the purchase of add-on seats.These third seats attach to the front of the Twin+ XL2. As such, they have a limited recline and no adjustable leg rest. Still, this option is perfect for an older child who can alternate between walking and sitting.


Zoe Twin+ XL2 double stroller with third add-on seat in front

image source: zoestrollers.com


The Zoe XL2 includes typical stroller safety features. Each seat has a traditional five point harness that can be adjusted to three different heights. There's also a brake bar that runs along the back of the stroller. You engage the brakes simply by tapping down on the brake bar. This is in contrast to most strollers, in which you set the brakes by pressing a lever located above one of the back wheels.

Parents with a longer walking stride may find that they hit the brake bar unintentionally while pushing the stroller. Once you get your Zoe double stroller, test it out to make sure the stroller works with your natural walking stride. This is super important, since the handlebar isn't adjustable. That means there's no way to increase the distance between you and the stroller wheels to accommodate a longer stride.

The Zoe XL2 double stroller also includes a peek-a-boo window on top of each seat canopy so you can keep an eye on the little ones. This peek-a-boo window has a magnetic closure, unlike the noisy zipper or velcro closures on most strollers. You can check on baby without waking them.


Peek-a-boo windows above each seat of the Zoe Twin+ Stroller. Also note the brake bar that runs between the back wheels.

image source: zoestrollers.com

Ease of Assembly

The Zoe XL2 double stroller arrives in a box that weighs about 24 pounds. The stroller is easy to assemble and doesn't require any tools. All you need to do is snap the wheels and belly bar onto the stroller. Assembly should take less than 10 minutes.


The Zoe XL2 has many comfort features for both babies and parents, including child snack and drink holders and a parent cup holder. However, the handlebar is not adjustable and some parents may find the storage basket too small.


This is a narrow double stroller, so each seat is only 12" wide. That's plenty of room for younger babies, but the narrow seat width may make older kids feel cramped. The height between the seat and the canopy is nearly 24 inches, so there's plenty of room, even for taller babies.

Each seat on the Zoe XL2 functions independently. You can recline one seat while leaving the other upright. The Zoe stroller reclines 165 degrees. It's not a lay flat stroller, but the generous recline allows for plenty of happy napping.

The seat recline mechanism is located on the back of the stroller and is easy to use. To raise the seat, you simply pull on the strap. To recline the seat, you run a clasp down the length of the strap until you reach the desired recline position.

The Zoe double stroller comes with a removable belly bar that extends over both seats. To use the included child snack and drink holders, you must remove the belly bar. You can have snack/drink holders or the belly bar on the stroller, but not both at the same time. (You can buy a single belly bar, though. For more, see the Accessories section near the end of the page.)

Each seat has an adjustable footrest. These also function independently, so you can raise one while keeping the other lowered.

Canopy and ventilation

The Zoe double stroller has extra large, four panel canopy that provides UPF50+ sun protection. The main canopy consists of two panels. The back panel has a zipper that hides the third panel. The front panel has a hidden pop-out panel that, when the canopy is fully extended, reaches the belly bar.


In the middle, the front pop-out canopy is extended. At right, the hidden fourth panel is unzipped, showing the full canopy.

(Note: middle and right photos depict the Zoe Twin+ XL2 Luxe version.)

image source: zoestrollers.com

As mentioned, the top of the canopy has a quiet open peek-a-boo window above each seat. This allows you to check on baby and also provides ventilation.

The fabric on the back of the stroller can be rolled up to provide additional ventilation. However, unlike in some strollers, there is no mesh covering here, so riders will be fully exposed to the elements.


The Zoe XL2 classic stroller has a mesh underseat storage basket. The basket is easy to access from both the back and sides. Given the stroller's size, the basket is wide, but not very deep. Reviewers were split on whether this provides enough storage, but a common complaint was that the mesh tends to sag if you put heavier items in the storage basket.

There are two small pockets that hang below the handlebar. These pockets can store items like a phone, keys or wallet, and they have a velcro closure.

One aggravating design feature of the Zoe XL2, and many other strollers with back ventilation, is that the storage pockets that hang near the handlebar must be rolled up to create air flow. That limits what you can store in the pockets at the top of the stroller. If you think you'll use the back ventilation feature often, you might consider buying a separate stroller organizer that attaches to the handlebar.

Parent comfort features

The handlebar height of the Zoe XL2 stroller is 40.25" and is not adjustable. The handlebar is recessed, creating space between the bar and stroller wheels. However, some reviewers still hit the brake bar unintentionally when pushing the stroller. This seems to be more of a stride length issue than a height issue, but taller parents may not be comfortable with the Zoe double stroller.

The Zoe XL2 comes with a parent cupholder that attaches to the side of the handlebar. This is not the most convenient placement, and you may need to remove the cupholder to fit through smaller doorways.

Zoe Double Stroller Stroller Pros and Cons

The Zoe Twin+ XL2  has good maneuverablity and a generous canopy system for privacy and sun protection. However, the stroller has a few drawbacks, including small wheels and lack of storage.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to fold and transport
  • Compact storage
  • Good maneuverability
  • Generous sun canopy
  • Parent/child cupholders included
  • Add-on seat options


  • Small wheels
  • Unadjustable handlebar
  • Not enough storage
  • Carrying case not included

Who should buy the Zoe double stroller?

This stroller is a great choice for active families who want a lightweight stroller for their trips around town - or around the world. The stroller is easy to fold, transport and store. The ability to add extra seats means the stroller can grow as the family does.

The XL2 is also a good daily stroller for city and suburb dwellers where flat sidewalks and streets are common. The stroller handles well in those conditions, and goes seamlessly from outdoor to indoor use. The stroller isn't designed for bumpier terrains, so keep that in mind if you plan to often use a stroller in grassy or gravelly areas.

Zoe Double Stroller Pricing and Value

According to the official Zoe website, the classic version of the Twin+ XL2 double stroller has a suggested retail price of $355. However, you can usually find the stroller for sale at online retailers for much less than that. In any case, this a great price for a lightweight double stroller, especially one as durable as the Zoe.

That said, if you travel often and/or plan to use this as your primary stroller, you'll probably want some extra accessories, which must be purchased separately.

Zoe double stroller accessories

Carrying case

If you plan to travel often with your Zoe stroller, especially by plane, you'll want to buy the XL2 carrying case. You can wear the carrying case backpack style, or carry by the top handle, as you would a suitcase. Importantly, you don't need to remove the stroller's wheels before placing it in the carrying case.

Rain cover

If you plan to make the Zoe double stroller your everyday use stroller and live in an area where it rains a lot, you should invest in a rain cover for your stroller. The rain cover is designed specifically to fit the Zoe Twin+ XL2, so lines up with the handlebar, peek-a-boo windows and other stroller features.

Other accessories

Other accessories you may consider buying, depending on your needs, include a single belly bar and a snack tray. 

The Zoe Twin+ comes with a double belly bar, which older kids may not like. You can replace the double bar with a single, allowing the older child to have a snack or cup holder on their side of the stroller.

The Zoe Twin+ comes with a snack cup, but this would have to be shared. That may not work if you have an infant and an older child who can't eat the same foods. Zoe has recently introduced snack trays for the XL2. Each tray is made of clear plastic and includes a drink holder.

You can buy the single belly bar and snack trays directly from the Zoe strollers website.

Zoe Double Stroller Final Verdict

The Zoe Twin+ XL2 is an excellent double stroller. Lightweight, narrow and portable, the stroller is designed for daily use and is a stand out double travel stroller. The add-on seat option means the stroller can grow with your family, so you can get years of use from this durable stroller.

The drawbacks here are minor. The wheels are small, which can lead to a bumpy ride in some cases. But, this isn't an all terrain stroller and doesn't pretend to be. The stroller is meant for use on smooth indoor/outdoor surfaces. On those type of surfaces, the stroller glides easily with great maneuverability. The storage basket is a bit small but sufficient.

The positives of the Zoe double stroller far outweigh the negatives, which is why the stroller earns a 5 star rating for value and a 4.5 star rating overall. If you're looking for an affordable, lightweight, side by side double stroller, the Zoe Twin+ XL2 should be at the top of your list.